We Give Back

No one knows OUR needs better than US. Together we are stronger as we search for alternatives and natural synergistic products and information to support the healing approaches we are taking. There is no need to feel alone or confused as we try to fully live life again.

We have tried to bring together the best products, with cutting edge technologies, current information and viewpoints, and offer them at the best price in the market.


THINQ NANO tries to give back and support the community in various ways:

The highest quality products, in terms of technology, in terms of formulations, in terms of quality of ingredients and manufacturing at least 50% off the normal retail price.

Deeper discounts for those who are veterans, on limited incomes, permanent disability, or other special needs discounts.

Donate products to individuals and families in dire circumstances.

We know that using natural supplements to support chronic and immediate conditions can be expensive. Our goal is to work as hard as possible to provide products and support that people don't have to crack the piggy bank to make a trade-off between taking products that might help or being able to purchase other necessities.

We Support Various Conditions, including...


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