HydroPod™ Technology

So much of our health relies on water for hydration and detoxification. The HydroPod™ technology first takes Type-I ultra-pure water with all the impurities removed and uses a process to encapsulate true nano nutrients (less than 10 nm in diameter) within micro-clusters of water molecules (Hydropods).

This HydroPod™ technology has several benefits which include advanced cellular hydration, cellular detoxification, and cellular nutrient delivery rapidly. Water is one of the few things absorbed rapidly and efficiently out of the stomach, and the nutrients are carried along with the water. Carried within these HydroPods, the nutrients are able to be distributed throughout the body at a size that is virtually bioactive at the cellular level.

The nutrients are not simply broken down and suspended or dissolved in water, they are embedded within micro-clusters of water molecules in a structure that stops the nutrients from agglomeration. By virtue of being embedded within the water clusters, as the body absorbs the water, the nutrients also flow in to the body. The technology is much more advanced than traditional Liposomes which use a bi-layer lipid (fat) structure to isolate nano particles. We are well beyond that.

The miracle of nano scale is that when you take normal nutrients which might be 5 microns in diameter and break them up to particles of 6 nanometers, you end up with hundreds of millions of bioactive particles. In one tablespoon of water, you'll have more nano particles than cells in your entire body. This allows for more rapid, potent effect with smaller amounts of nutrients.



BioAmped™ Nano Emulsions

We all know that water and oil do not mix. But what if they could...

Not all nutrients are naturally water-soluble or water-miscible. They dissolve in lipids or fats. Vitamins A, D, E, K are classic examples of these. CBD and other cannabinoids are also fat-soluble, and therefore typically are absorbed like oils slowly in the small intestines.

With the BioAmped™ technology, fat-soluble nutrients are nano-emulsified using a blend of all natural gums and glycerin that allow them to not only be water-soluble or water-miscible for the nit-picky nerd types, but these nutrients because of the structure and particle size are able to be absorbed rapidly out of the stomach for rapid effect.

This allows for a whole spectrum of typically difficult to take and absorb nutrients to be delivered effectively in a beverage or liquid supplement that you will feel the difference in within minutes.  

This technology allows for dissolving in liquids easily with minimal shaking or agitation, without foaming, or chemical/bitter taste. You will love these products.



The final core technology is the BioXTRAX™ technology. This technology provides a concentrated, accelerated glycerin extraction of hard to extract herbal products - a process that normally takes 6 months to 1 year. We are able to extract typically difficult to extract roots and herbs such as turmeric, kava kava, hemp, etc.

The extracted product is naturally sweet from the glycerin, naturally preserved, and very potent. It easily dissolves in water.  


Between the various technologies, we are able to formulate and blend tinctures and beverages with a variety of typically difficult to use ingredients that allow for maximum effect. These are the things that truly set apart the formulations and ingredients utilized and offered at ThinQ Nano.

If you have any questions about the technologies, formulations, or ingredients, please don't hesitate to contact us.