Technology Concepts

Over a number of decades Cedar Bear® has developed a number of proprietary and trade secret manufacturing & processing technologies as well as all of our unique and original category defining formula blend recipes. The following list shows those proprietary and trade-secret technologies with the first two being the most used Cedar Bear® technologies for making our products.


TincTract® process 

First developed over 35+ years ago by our founder, L. Carl Robinson, a clinical & formulary herbalist of many decades, this is the Cedar Bear® original and first of its kind ever serialized multi-step manufacturing process for totally alcohol-free liquid herbs using glycerin instead of alcohol. The TincTract® process is now entering its 11th generation of proprietary improvements and enhancements, evidenced by the stronger, more potent and higher quality products than of earlier generational iterations.

Pureodine™ process

This innovative and IP driven serialized manufacturing process for making our totally alcohol-free glycerite of mono-element triiodide of nascent iodine was developed in-house in 2007 by a talented team consisting of Cedar Bear® founder L. Carl Robinson and co-developers with varying specialized backgrounds relevant to the development of this technology. A variation of the Pureodine™ process is also used for making our unique and highly concentrated mineral Zeolites product. The Pureodine™ process is now in its 8th generation of proprietary enhancements and improvements, making for the most stable and potent mono element triiodide of nascent iodine and mineral zeolites available.

BTC™ (Biological Targeted Coherent) process

The BTC™ process deals with the making of innovative and revolutionary vibrational energy signature products. The BTC™ technology resulted in a number of industry firsts for the vibrational products industry, such as: The 1st to introduce a 100% alcohol-free glycerite of vibrational and flower essences products into the marketplace; The 1st to develop a highly stable liquid energetic blank for holding energy signatures that withstands, heat, sunlight, impact, ambient energy fluctuations, aromatic components (when used to enhance a vibrational product), and exposure to the atmosphere; The 1st to offer a vibrational combination of flower essences and energy signatures in the same product; The 1st to offer highly complex energy blends consisting of many energy signatures (also called 'frequencies'); and other firsts for vibrational products in the marketplace. Do they work? Consider that our vibrational products are used successfully by kids and pets and the fact that a child or a pet cannot be 'placebo' tricked. They don't have the capacity for being placebo'd. For children or pets, products either work or don't!  Point being, BTC™ processed products are remarkable in their effects and benefits.


Trace mineral supplementation is no longer a fad but seen as an essential need for ongoing health & well-being. The Citritol™ process is a special process fir taking raw liquid trace minerals and micro fractionating the trace mineral compounds into even smaller particle size, thus exponentially increasing the surface area of the contained liquid trace minerals so that 2 ounces of Citritol™ processed liquid trace minerals possesses the same or greater effects and benefits of the formerly 32 oz. (1 quart) bottle of liquid trace minerals. This all has to do with the nutritional applications of nano-pico colloidal chemistry and its effects on fluid biochemistry and physiology. Simply put, our Citritol™ processed liquid trace minerals give a whole lot of effect in a much smaller package that's also much more convenient to use and travel with. 



Nanotechnology deals with materials that are smaller than 100 nanometers (1 nanometer = 1/100,000th of a millimeter). It is the art and science of manipulating matter at the nanoscale to create new and unique materials and products. What makes nanoparticles so unique? Conventional-sized particles (greater than 100 nm) obey conventional Newtonian physics, in which the individual atoms of a molecule or element act as a whole. In contrast, nanoparticles tend to obey the laws of quantum physics because their surface-to-mass ratio is so much greater—and with individual atoms closer to the surface, these individual atoms exercise much more influence on the behavior of the substance, often conferring physical properties much different than a conventional-sized particle.

Nano-Technology is what makes Repent so effective. The vitamins, electrolytes and minerals you lose while drinking alcohol are quickly replaced and made bio-available as they have been Nano-sized and enter your bloodstream as soon as you ingest it. This efficient delivery system eliminates waiting for the product to take effect. Repent doesn't have to travel through your stomach and small intestine before being expelled from your body. The efficacy (how much you absorb) is 3 times that of traditional products.