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Back in 1980 prior to developing the TincTract® process for making completely alcohol-free liquid herbal products, L. Carl Robinson had determined that liquid delivery of herbs was far more efficient than what dried herbal products were capable of, however, he asked two question, "Why is alcohol still the primary solvent used for liquid herbal tinctures/extracts in the liquid herbal products industry?" And, "Why are the process methodologies used for tincturing herbs so antiquated and not current to known science proven concepts?"

Carl's recalled that his studies in high school chemistry had taught him that alcohol (i.e. grain based ethanol) possess the intrinsic effects of denaturing and rendering inert many organic compounds, many in fact that are present in herbs, and the fact that different compounds, to retain their intrinsic biological nature, require different methodologies to effectively extract them from a raw material.

Out of these considerations, Carl developed a multi-step serialized process that utilizes the non-alcohol solvent glycerin for making liquid herbal concentrates. He would name this unique technology the TincTract® process.

Simply put, the TincTract® process is geared towards extracting heat sensitive water soluble compounds and compounds requiring more dynamic processes being done in an all in one serialized process.

A multi-step liquid processing approach had never before been done in the liquid herbal products industry to the degree Carl had developed, and the TincTract® process still holds the distinction of being the most thorough liquid herbal extraction technology in the herbal products industry.


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